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The DJI T40, paired with the multispectral drone, revolutionizes agriculture by optimizing fertiliser spreading efficiently. The integrated system facilitates real-time data exchange between devices, ensuring precise and timely fertiliser application.


 The multispectral drone captures detailed crop information, identifying areas with varying health and nutrient needs.

Advanced AI algorithms analyze the multispectral data, generating prescription maps for targeted fertiliser application. The fertiliser spreader, equipped with variable-rate technology, adjusts application rates based on the generated maps. This on-the-fly adjustment ensures even coverage, preventing overuse and reducing costs.

The spreading drone's variable spread swath width adapts to specific field requirements, optimizing coverage for different crop spacings and field sizes. Real-time data control minimizes overlaps and gaps, ensuring uniform fertiliser distribution.


The DJI T40 and Mavic 3 Multispectral combo revolutionize agriculture, enabling data-driven decisions, precise fertiliser use, and improved crop yields in an environmentally friendly manner.

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